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ULTRA RED for Telecommunications Organizations

The modern world is powered by seamless communication, so it’s unsurprising that telco’s are a top target for malicious actors.  Successful attacks can yield vast amounts of customer information, enable long term surveillance efforts and provide a gateway into other organizations. Attacks aimed at service disruption can have far reaching implications. Operating in a highly competitive market, telco’s focus on maximizing the productivity and effectiveness of their operations, and this extends to their security teams.

Top security priorities for Telecommunications organizations include:

  • Securing complex networks containing a mix of new and legacy technologies
  • Mitigating third party risk from value added vendors (hosting, data management, MSPs, etc.)
  • Protection of sensitive information
  • Maintaining service availability for consumers, businesses, and critical infrastructure
  • Protecting infrastructure supporting their customer service centres and remote workers.

Top attack surface challenges resulting from these priorities include:

  • Continuous external asset and service discovery and curation
  • Separating ‘owned’ and ‘hosted’ assets.
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Timely discovery, validation and remediation of vectors
  • Detection of misconfigured legacy components visible on the Internet
  • Identification of deprecated components and services  
  • Detection of sensitive data such as login credentials and PII exposure

With ULTRA RED, Telecommunications organizations gain full visibility of their Internet exposed assets and services, including misconfigured legacy assets that should be hidden to the Internet. Automatic vector detection and deep validation greatly improve the productivity of cyber teams by saving untold hours in investigating false positives. Full documentation and remediation guidance cuts mean-time-to-remediation in half. ULTRA RED’s industry leading repository of DarkNet and open-source intelligence detects PII and sensitive information exposures, enabling a timely response. Full support of Gartner's Continuous Threat and Exposure Management framework delivers a standard process to systematically improve staff productivity and reduce attack surface risk while containing costs.

Telecommunications organization can offer the same benefits their customers. ULTRA RED can be used to extend existing service offerings by supporting external asset management services, threat and exposure management services and deep and darkweb exposure management services.

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