End-to-End Automated
Adversary Emulation

Agentless Continuous Threat Exposure Management platform
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Main Modules


External Attack Surface Management (EASM)
All internet-facing assets automatically discovered
Immediate results - 24/7
Automated Recursive Discovery©

Asset Management

Asset Management (AM)
Patch Management (PM)
Assess all of the organizations' threats to assets in a few clicks
Integration of unique asset intelligence (vulnerabilities, weaknesses, outdated technologies, compromised accounts, etc.)


Automated Breach & Attack Simulation (ABAS)
Automatically and continously verified vulnerability detection
Validation without damage. No false-positives

Deep Enrichment

Cyber Enrichment (CE)
Cyber intelligence (dark-net and open sources) for in-depth investigations and researches
Archives, including historical information (more than a decade) and continuously updated information
Unique information, Intelligence search without revealing the scope

Main Benefits

All-in-one platform
First and only CTEM provider

External Attack Surface Management (EASM),
Cyber Enrichment (CE) & Automated validation.

To remediate
and investigate

Verified ready-to-use opportunities together with unique data archive to drill down into the details.

100% attacker
point of view

The Adversary Emulation method enables qualitative identification of available opportunities against the organization, with no agents.

24/7 automation works for you

A recursive and continuous process of learning the network and identifying weakness.

Cyber Threats

Every weakness is automatically validated, preventing false positives and allowing root-cause analysis by providing detailed evidence with every finding.