About us

ULTRA RED is the first and only CTEM provider.
We bring to the table a completely new approach to cyber security by utilizing unmatched scanning depth for attack surface mapping and combining it with cyber intelligence enrichment.
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our mission

In today’s ever-changing cyber threat landscape, we believe that laser focused insights is what all companies need.
Our mission is to provide a product that maps an organizations entire attack surface with only few clicks driven by proven cyber intelligence.
This will help cyber teams all around the world in becoming better and faster with their response and readiness on a daily basis.

People & culture

At ULTRA RED we always push ourselves forwards and upwards. Why? We believe that being the best at what we do is the best way to serve our customers. We believe in creating a sustainable advantage for our customers and through this we turn customers into our partners. But the most important part is that we do this while still having fun.

around the world

Tel aviv / israel
New York / USA
Seoul / South Korea
Tokyo / Japan


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