ULTRA RED is the first and only CTEM provider.
We bring to the table a completely new approach to cyber security by utilizing unmatched scanning depth for attack surface mapping, automated validation processes, combined it with cyber intelligence enrichment.
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External Attack Surface Management (EASM)Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM)
Agentless discovery, inventory, and categorization of your known and unknown assets in less than 3 clicks.
Digital Risk Protection Services (DRPS)
Find all instances of account compromise on deep/dark web, social media and app marketplaces for immediate takedown and remediation.


Vulnerability Management (VM)
View all prioritized and true vulnerabilities associated with your assets through our automated recursive discovery function. We filter the false positives for you and generate immediate, defensible, and actionable policy remediations.


Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS)
Test your perimeter defences against all known internet-based threat vectors in a safe and secure environment.
Continuous Threat Intelligence (CTI)
Stay ahead on vulnerability remediation and with security posture optimization through new and continuous threat intelligence.

All-in-one platform

Multi-tool platform designed to protect your assets according to the vulnerabilities and threats that matter most to your business.

Actionable Intelligence

Verified ready-to-use opportunities together with unique data archive to drill down into the details.

Automated Recursive Discovery

Increase accuracy and depth by mapping all subsidiaries, third parties, and nth providers associated with your assets.

100% attacker point of view

Enable qualitative identification of likely attacks against the organization with zero agents.

Automated Asset Management

Tell the security story by tracking every action taken against your assets (e.g. reports, versioning, time stamps, logs, etc.)

Risk-Based Vulnerability Prioritization

Every weakness is automatically validated, preventing false positives and allowing root-cause analysis by providing detailed evidence with every finding.