Attack Surface Mapping

Proactively defend against cyber attacks with ULTRA RED's Continuous Attack Surface Mapping by providing a comprehensive solution to map assets and enhance security.

Understanding Continuous Attack Surface Mapping

Continuous Attack Surface Mapping empowers organizations to map assets, identify risks, and secure their attack surface. ULTRA RED's solution employs agentless discovery and categorization techniques for effortless asset identification.

Comprehensive Asset Identification

ULTRA RED's solution enables the discovery and mapping of domains, subdomains, hosts, and networks, providing a complete asset inventory for effective risk assessment.

Monitoring &
Change Detection

Real-time monitoring and automatic change detection ensure organizations stay updated on their attack surface, enabling proactive threat detection and incident response.

Compromised Accounts Detection & Remediation

Continuous Attack Surface Mapping identifies compromised accounts across various platforms, facilitating swift takedown and remediation actions.

Enhanced Asset Visibility

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the attack surface empowers organizations to strategically prioritize security endeavors, efficiently allocate resources, and harmonize defensive strategies with overarching business goals. This holistic approach enables enhanced protection, streamlined resource management, and the seamless integration of security measures into the broader organizational framework.

Proactive Threat Mitigation

By implementing continuous monitoring practices and embracing early vulnerability detection mechanisms, organizations gain the crucial advantage of proactively mitigating a wide array of threats. This strategic approach significantly diminishes the window of time required to identify and promptly address potential incidents, thus bolstering overall cybersecurity and enhancing the resilience of the entity in question.

Streamlined Remediation Processes

Rapidly identifying and addressing compromised accounts is paramount in mitigating the repercussions of security breaches. Such prompt actions not only curtail the extent of security incidents but also optimize the allocation of resources, leading to streamlined operations and minimal downtime disruptions.

Integration & Customization

ULTRA RED's innovative solution harmoniously merges with the pre-existing security framework, providing a flawless integration that caters to the unique needs of the organization. The offering encompasses tailored customization features, ensuring a perfect alignment with specific security requirements and operational preferences.