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What are the optimal remediation options for this attack vector?
What are the potential risks of this attack vector?
How could adversaries escalate this issue further?
How can I brief non-technical stakeholders about this attack vector?

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The product

VITA AI is an innovative feature that transforms threat exposure management for organizations. It enables analysts to quickly respond to threats by providing simplified technical findings and contextualized guidance. By eliminating the need for manual research and waiting for expert knowledge, VITA AI enhances incident response capabilities, decision-making, and resource allocation for improved cybersecurity resilience.


VITA AI is ULTRA RED's GenAI Assistant, equipped with natural language processing to educate Security analysts about vulnerabilities and attack vectors. It offers organizations actionable insights, remediation guidelines, and proactive measures against emerging threats using publicly verified data and user feedback, continuously improving its accuracy.

What Problems Does VITA AI Solve?

VITA AI by ULTRA RED aims to alleviate analysis fatigue faced by security analysts due to manual searches for attack vector information. It provides a simple, natural language query solution that assists in various tasks like vulnerability analysis, incident impact assessment, recommending security best practices, and creating SPLUNK detection rules, saving time and improving efficiency in the security function.

VITA AI Maintains Your Privacy

Your conversations with VITA AI are only viewable by you, the authorized user or others you entrust with viewing rights to your conversation. Otherwise, all "permissioned" users are empowered to inquire similarly to receive similar answers. ULTRA RED stores and uses redacted data only (not containing sensitive information) for data and model training. These conversations are saved on our data lake as held in house, on our servers. Above all, your privacy takes precedence.

The model

ULTRA AI Assistant combines cutting-edge technologies to deliver its advanced capabilities. At the core of its functionality is the context layer, which captures and contextualizes the vector information. This context layer acts as the input to ULTRA RED's language model, referred to as the answer layer, which generates detailed answers based on the given context. The final formalizing layer, integrates OpenAI's technology to enhance the answer layer's outputs. This layer ensures that the information provided by ULTRA AI Assistant is well-structured, grammatically correct, and suitable for the intended audience.