As the first and only CTEM provider, we bring to the table a completely new approach to cyber security, utilizing unmatched scanning depth for attack surface mapping and combining it with cyber intelligence.
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All-In-One Platform mapped to Gartner’s CTEM Framework

CTEM vs. Others

Discovery of all internet facing assets
Asset Management
Assembling all relevant internet telemetry
Vectors & Vulnerabilities
Scanning for vulnerabilities and possible attack chains
Validation & False-positives
Verifying if vulnerabilities are exploitable
Security Control Validation
Testing of existing Security Controls, including defense evasion
Remediation & Recommendations
Providing pin-pointed remediation recommendations.

1. Continuous Asset Discovery

Leveraging rich internet telemetry and extremely low false positive rate, ULTRA RED Discovery Module, automatically uncovers often unknown hosts, domains and IP addresses, which are under the organization's scope and utilizes a proprietary system to check and re-check the validity of results. By expanding the attack surface the likelihood of finding a breach increases.

2. Automated Asset Management

ULTRA RED Asset management module “inventories” all intelligence and threats related to the organization's assets into specific categories. This can include outdated technologies, misconfigurations, compromised accounts, risk score, present and non-present technologies ,along with remediation status. With the help of our powerful “out of the box” filtering tools, timelines, and including a built-in chat between all Ultra Red users to allow anyone to document any changes, an organization's assets can be managed, prioritized, and remediated with ease.

3. Continuous vector Scanning

ULTRA RED’s proprietary continuous scanning processes help you monitor your assets for changes, remediations, and weaknesses that are found as a result of network changes and its growth. This continuous monitoring allows for organizations to concentrate on fixing the issues and not have to worry about manually starting or validating scans on their organization.

4. Automatic Vector Validation

After creating a complete and comprehensive inventory of the organization’s attack surface, ULTRA RED’s vulnerability scanner module will continuously scan and detect new vulnerabilities along with weaknesses on each asset with the Lowest false positive  rate possible. Ultra Red’s vulnerability scanner is not only able to uncover known public vulnerabilities, but also covers a wide range of proprietary scanning findings and the industry leading repository of DarkNet based vulnerabilities. This can allow an organization to keep up with the latest security updates and configurations along with being able to test them with ease.

5. Take action

When ULTRA RED detects a weakness, it will validate it without having an impact on the scanned system, security infrastructure and controls - allowing production system continuity. The user receives all the accompanying intelligence - impacts, external references, actionable remediation list along with steps, and POCs for leveraging the weakness (for learning purposes).