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ULTRA RED for Automotive Organizations

The automotive industry is undergoing a period of rapid change. Digital transformation initiatives to support vehicles with more advanced systems and new connectivity capabilities to deliver smart services, are driving the rollout of new cloud-based infrastructure.  The result is a greatly increased external attack surface to defend. Supply chain optimization initiatives designed to streamline existing value chains introduce additional cyber risk. Malicious actors have become more focused on the automotive sector in recent years and the number of breaches continue to grow. Successful attacks can result in IP and data theft, supply chain disruption, service disruption for vehicle owners, and high ransom demands.

Top security priorities for Automotive organizations include:

  • Gaining better understanding of the external attack surface and it’s hidden risks
  • Securing new cloud infrastructure supporting advanced vehicle systems
  • Protection of sensitive information
  • Maintaining service availability for vehicle owners
  • Preventing supply chain disruption due to a cyber-attack.  

Top attack surface challenges resulting from these priorities include:

  • Continuous external asset and service discovery and curation
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Timely discovery, validation, and remediation of vectors
  • Identification of deprecated components and services  
  • Detection of sensitive data such as login credentials and PII exposure

With ULTRA RED, Automotive organizations gain full visibility of their Internet exposed assets and services, including cloud infrastructure supporting smart vehicles and value-added services. Rapid discovery of exploitable exposures along with full documentation and remediation guidance greatly reduces the mean time to detect and remediate critical vulnerabilities. ULTRA RED’s industry leading repository of DarkNet and open-source intelligence detects PII and sensitive information exposures, enabling a timely response. Full support of Gartner's Continuous Threat and Exposure Management framework delivers a standard process to systematically improve staff productivity and reduce attack surface risk while containing costs.