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Finance & Banking

ULTRA RED for Financial Services

Financial Services continues to be the most challenging of sectors from a cyber-security perspective. FS organizations are under constant threat as malicious actors look for potential weaknesses to exploit and adopt new tactics to help them succeed.  As a result, business continuity, brand reputation and customer loyalty are never far from being undermined by a serious cyber incident.

Add to this the continuous changes required to remain competitive:

  • Business transformation initiatives resulting in new digital channels and services
  • Optimization initiatives involving cloud hosting, outsourcing, and supply chain integration
  • Infrastructure rollout to support a changing and more distributed workforce

All these activities drive continuous change in an organization's external attack surface and expose new potential vulnerabilities.

Top attack surface challenges for FS organisations are:

  • External asset discovery, including unknown assets resulting from Shadow IT
  • Always up-to-date visibility of the external attack surface to support cyber security and risk programs
  • Timely discovery, validation and remediation of vectors
  • Detection of other potential weaknesses such as deprecated components, third party JavaScript or RCE vulnerabilities
  • Detection of sensitive data such as PII exposure
  • Full and up to date attack surface documentation to support periodic industry and internal risk assessments

With ULTRA RED, financial services organisations gain a full and up to date inventory of Internet exposed assets and services, organized in ways that make it useful to both security and compliance teams. Automatic vector detection and deep validation save the cyber team untold hours in uncovering and validating serious vulnerabilities and full documentation and remediation guidance cuts mean-time-to-remediation in half. ULTRA RED’s industry leading repository of DarkNet and open-source intelligence detects PII and sensitive information exposures such as leaked credentials and associates them to specific assets where applicable. Full support of Gartner's Continuous Threat and Exposure Management framework delivers a standard process to systematically reduce attack surface risk.