Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) called out as a Strategic Technology Trend by Gartner

Gartner recently published its top 10Strategic Technology Trends for 2024. The annual list helps organizations focus on trends that can meaningfully impact their business over the next few years.

Number 2 on this year's list is "Be Safe: Continuous Threat Exposure Management". CTEM is designed to protect the investments that organizations already have while providing a more secure environment for new deployments. By prioritizing security investments based on a CTEM program, Gartner predicts that organizations will realize a two-thirds reduction in breaches by 2026.  

In citing the reasons why CTEM is trending, Gartner highlights that with CTEM, both patchable and un-patchable exposures are addressed, exposures are identified and prioritized by taking an attacker’s view, and improved response is achieved through evidence-based documentation and better cross-team mobilization.

As the creator of the world's first CTEM platform, Ultra Red couldn't agree more. We designed our platform as a single unified solution that addresses all phases of Gartner’s CTEM; Scoping, Discovery, Prioritization, Validation and Mobilization.  

With Ultra Red, asset discovery is an automated and continuous process. In-scope assets such as hosts, domains and IP addresses are added to the asset register and regularly scanned to detect new vulnerabilities and weaknesses. All detected weaknesses are validated without impacting the scanned systems and prioritization scoring is based on a combination of the CVSS severity and exploitability. Each identified vector is accompanied by impacts, external references, an actionable remediation list with required steps, and POCs for leveraging the weakness; all of which supports the CTEM mobilization phase. These capabilities provide our customers with a standardized and repeatable process that supports the full discovery-to-remediation lifecycle.

It's also interesting to see that several of this year's trends involve AI. Number 7 on the list is "Optimize Decision Making: Intelligent Applications". In line with this trend, Ultra Red has recently introduced a generative AI security assistant called VITA AI. It enables analysts to quickly respond to threats by providing simplified technical findings and contextualized guidance. By eliminating the need for manual research and the delays incurred while waiting for expert knowledge, VITA AI enhances incident response capabilities, decision-making, and ultimately mean time to remediation (MTTR).  

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